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Sharing life's experiences - this is the heart of everything we do here at iglooco. We're a group of passionate individuals working towards a common vision: to create a world without keys.

We'd love to share this opportunity with talented people like yourself. Join us on this fulfilling journey of a lifetime - and be amazed at the things we can achieve together!

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Wellness is the key to unlocking our full potential

The igloohomie experience

Where everyone is encouraged to bring their most authentic self to work


A dedicated Slack channel for the purpose of recognition, appreciation and celebrations (both big and small)! Whether it's sharing birthday wishes or a new product launch, the igloohomie culture is one where we practice cultivating the habit of constant gratitude.


A culture where we embrace and celebrate everyone's differences! iglooChain is an internal platform for igloohomies around the globe to share more about the personal side of themselves! (e.g. about their pet isopods or favourite Spotify playlist to dance to. We don't judge.. really.)


An initiative for all our new hires! Be paired up with an awesome new buddy, and get to know more about our unique igloohomie culture in an authentic way. Is this over tapas or some aromatic street coffee? - well, that's up to the both of you


We love to have fun! Having fun is, after all, one of our main core values - and we do just that. You can expect to attend some crazy mid-week costume parties, dance the night away or feast on some barbecued squid on a yacht!


Who says global exchange programmes are only for students? As part of our emphasis on the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), our iglooLoft programme allows select igloohomies to experience working and living in a global office of their choice!


The physical and mental wellbeing of our staff is of utmost importance. iglooco is also dedicated to the movement of destigmatizing and normalizing mental health issues, through our wellness seminars and programmes such as yoga, an eat well challenge.

Where we value inclusivity.

With over 15+ nationalities in our igloohomie tribe across the globe, we pride ourselves on offering a strong multicultural and diverse work environment here at iglooco. It is our belief that the most successful companies are the ones that openly embrace the unique differences and perspectives that their teams have to offer.

We are dedicated to hiring and nurturing diverse talent, and always strive to foster and cultivate a safe and respectful work environment each day, where everyone is able to come to office feeling valued and heard.

If our work culture and ethics speak to you, you're probably already one of us at heart.

Our core values (HEART)

What determines a company's culture? A company's core values, that's what!

Core values are the HEART of every company, and these values form the basis for every decision the company makes. Our igloohomie culture is the outcome of the practical actions and behaviours that arise from our core values. If you've ever wondered about why we're so incredibly committed (yet goofy and fun!), here are some of the awesome values that we live and work by in iglooco.

Have fun and we love a little weirdness

Here at iglooco, we enjoy what we do, and while on this journey together, we make it a point to not take ourselves or others too seriously!

We embrace our differences and celebrate the individualism (just a nicer word for weirdness) that each igloohomie has to offer. After all, what fun would the workplace be if we were all the same?

Empathy and respect

We igloohomies believe in acting and behaving with compassion and humility - to seek first to understand, and then be understood.

Every igloohomie is treated with respect and professionalism, and we take pride in listening to what each other has to say without any preconceived ideas or expectations.


No room for procrastination here! We turn our intent into action, and continuously raise the bar to deliver tangible results as a team.

We also strongly believe in the importance of taking ownership and accountability of our own actions, too. As such, we strive to only take action with integrity, whilst still continuously learning and innovating together to stay ahead of the curve!

Resilient and resourceful

Think out of the box! We often hear this phrase, but how many of us actually get to practice this at the workplace?

At iglooco, the practice of generating different approaches to dealing with challenges and setbacks is strongly encouraged. Even the craziest ideas are explored here - who knows if it just might work, right?

Life can be unpredictable sometimes, but we've always got each others backs and we learn how to adapt and overcome, together as one!

Teamwork wins championships

Teamwork makes the dream work.

It's no secret that iglooco wouldn't be where we are today, if not for the collaborative effort of our igloohomies!

We're consistently working together towards a common goal - in the best interest of the company and our customers.

Even if we experience some minor hiccups along the way (who doesn't!), we welcome healthy and respectful discussions amongst each another to work on moving forward in the best way - as a team!

Hear from our people

Don't just take our word for it.

Working at iglooco has been a breath of fresh air for me. It's a company that works together as a team and each person of the team is respected and valued. There were a lot of changes shortly after I started, but everyone jumped in to do their part and more. Everyone is helping everyone achieve a common goal of making igloocompany a leader in the smart lock industry.

I enjoy the flexibility, the teamwork mentality and the comradery. I like the fact that everyone can still smile and laugh whether they are in a meeting at 6am or 11pm. Yes, the job has challenges but there's always encouragement and appreciation from all on the iglooco team.

Kylee Shadeah Johnson

Sales, United States of America

My journey at igloo is marked by a culture of experimentation, where the team explores innovative approaches to improve our users' overall app experience. Adapting to product limitations, we continue to prioritise synergy across firmware, hardware, and software components, delivering genuine value to all our users.

igloo's work flexibility arrangement enables me to have autonomy during high and low periods. Our international presence also broadens my market understanding, inspiring product improvements through shared customer solutions—a true humbling learning experience!

Gracia Ho

Gracia Ho

Product Manager (Singapore)

iglooco has seen me through many major milestones in my life! Throughout the 6 years that I've been with the company, I got married and became a dad. Being an igloohomie is truly more than just work for me - it holds a special place in my heart.

​When I first joined iglooco, I was responsible for hardware and firmware development in the company. Over time, I was given the opportunity to learn more about project management, and it's something that I really enjoy. I love working alongside such a talented team each day! We're always working on something fresh and interesting, so no two days are ever the same.

Liu Rong

Project Manager, Shenzen (China)

Benefits at a glance

The below is a non-exhaustive summary of benefits offered throughout our global entities. Eligibility for benefits will depend on the actual benefits plans in each country.


Paid time off



Casual work setting

Flexible work arrangements

The keyless future is ours.

And we'd love for you to be a part of it.

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At igloocompany, our vision is to create a world without keys. But we can only do that with talented and passionate people who're willing to join us on this fulfilling journey.

igloohomies are empowered with the freedom to explore, inspire and grow. With flexible work arrangements and an open-door culture, we listen, connect and grow together to unlock your full potential.

Here's to opening new doors of opportunities today. Apply for any of these roles by sending in your CV to


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